You are considering aesthetic surgery to improve your appearance, or perhaps to resolve some internal conflicts and achieve greater wellbeing.

You are therefore searching for a plastic surgeon who considers plastic surgery to be an art. But above all you want him to be capable of enhancing your beauty without ever forgetting your personality.

In other words, you want his plastic surgery procedure to help you regain confidence and self-esteem. Didier Van Den Broeck considers your aesthetic surgery to enhance your beauty from the viewpoint of an aesthete, with personalised attention to your wishes.

While Dr Van Den Broeck has made the aesthetics of the breast one of his major specialities, he strives to make all his surgical procedures as natural as possible. Undetectable.

This may involve a facelift, liposuction, abdominoplasty (abdominal surgery), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), otoplasty (ear surgery) or, of course, chirurgie esthétique des seins.

But the result must also be consistent with your expectations and your lifestyle. This is why your aesthetic surgery always begins with a long discussion with your aesthetic surgeon. Dr. Didier Van Den Broeck, head of department of Wellkin Hospital, welcomes you in the heart of the Indian ocean, much envied Mauritius.

D. Van Den Broeck, MD
Before gaining a unique perspective on aesthetic surgery where listening to the patient is essential, Dr. Van Den Broeck has for years now been working towards perfect mastery of aesthetic surgery techniques. Discover his career.
Who is Dr. Van Den Broeck?
Proposed surgeries
Your aesthetic surgery is decided after discussions with your surgeon. This enables you to have all the explanations and advice you need to make choices with which you can feel in perfect harmony. Dr Van Den Broeck has a huge experience in those fields.
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Why Mauritius ?
While Mauritius is known worldwide for the skills of its hotel network, Wellkin Hospital offers healthcare facilities with American and European standards. The institution is a leading medical tourism actor in the Indian Ocean. Enjoy great rates on tourist stays to benefit from a quality cosmetic procedure.
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First appointement ?
To answer all your questions, Dr. Van Den Broeck will advise you the best for a first meeting face to face during a visit to Wellkin hospital.
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